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Fluo Pluvia

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Fluo Pluvia Empty Fluo Pluvia

Post by KetsuekiAme on Thu Jan 27, 2011 1:55 am

Basic Information

Name: Fluo Pluvia (first,last)
Age: 100

Physical Age:: 16

Gender: Male

Sector: One

Seat: Eleventh

Looks: Short black hair cropped with a average 5 foot 6 height. Doesnt really stand out has eyes that are a brown so dark its almost a black. He often likes to wear darker colored clothes when he was alive and kicking.

Personality: Often quite and reliable he often hides his true intentions in a mask of blind following acting dumber than he really is. Cool and collected never panicking is his trademark. He also has a bit of a rebellious streak and is prone during these to not following orders and going with what he thinks is right and wrong. In a fight he will do anything he can to win and he is not below using cheap tricks to beat his opponent for example throwing sand in someones eyes then decking them. He hates people that are dishonest though he lies himself sometime. He loves loyalty and is loyal usually the point of stubborness.

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Ame

Zanpaktou Theme: Lightning and Water

Unreleased Zankpaktou Appearance Looks like a doubled edged bastard sword

Zanpakuto Release Phrase:Rain

Released Zanpakuto Looks: A doubled edged bastard sword that has been split open in the middle with 3 bars holding it together.
Released Zanpaktou Abilities: A significant increase in speed and the abilitys to control water/ice and lightning. The ability to control water/ice stems from the ability to create ice from nothing(spiritual energy) and water and being able to freeze water on command. This unfortunately in casual situations or situations where he does not have focus that his life depending on it will often backfire resulting in a icy explosion. The electric part mirrors the water and ice part in everything except for the actual ability it again stems from being able to create electricity from nothing(spiritual energy) and manipulate it in strength, intensity, and direction.

Zanpakuto Spirit: A girl with a big mouth and a smart aleck attitude

Zanpakuto Realm: Purgatory

Electric Hado
11. Tsuzuri Raiden (???, Bound Lightning)
Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.
4. Byakurai (??, Pale Lightning)
The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.


Technique Name: Flash Step
Technique Type: Movement
Degree of difficulty: Beginner
Description: Teleports character a short distance.

History and RP Sample

History:He was born as a only child and lived with a small family happily for his first 16 or so years of life. Unfortunately thats also when he died. Let me explain he was killed by none other than a hollow. Born with a great spiritual pressure he was naturally a easy target for them as he grew up so his mother taught him how to surpress his spiritual pressure to a point. He had excellent self control with it and never lost focus except once and that one time lead to his death. It was when his mother died in a tragic accident. Right in front of him no less he lost all control as the grief overwhelmed him and that turned him into a beacon for every hollow within hundreds of miles. Naturally being a human he died quickly to things he could see of a unknown orgin these things being hollows. Upon waking up in the Rukongai he was quickly thrown into the academy and upon graduating made a low ranking seat position and began to steadily rise up the ranks.
RP Sample: He leveled his blade on his opponent as she smirked at him with a evil satisfaction. This was easily going to be the most difficult fight of his life as he stood her down wondering if he was going to live to see the dawn. The fires burned bright in the night around him as the moon began to set in the night sky. This irritated him all he needed to do was kill this cruel sadistic woman and he would be free he could save his sister and everything would be alright again in his mind. Though nothing truely would ever be the same he knew that now, no matter what he did it would all be over. But he still fought for lives that were not his own he cried out in fury and charged the girl to no avail as she swiftly blocked his stroke and returned one of her own. Barely keeping up he managed to block it and pushed her blade away quickly spinning around and throwing a horizontal slice at her. She parried it off of her blade and began to move in sensing a opportunity to land a kiling blow. Breaking his sword in two he began to fight fiercly as he never had before visions of his sister flashed through his head as he stroked and parried cornering the more skilled opponent quickly. Swinging upward he knocked the sword out of her hand leaving her clutching her bleeding hand as she looked up hissing at him. He gave the final blow as dawn rose over the horizon the shining sun mirroring the trail of blood flying upward as he slew his foe. This was the day where he was free at last. Greviously wounded from his fight with her he lay down realizing his sister could now escape he rested in peace knowing everything was all right.

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Fluo Pluvia Empty Re: Fluo Pluvia

Post by KetsuekiAme on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:42 pm



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Fluo Pluvia Empty Re: Fluo Pluvia

Post by Nobara Funesto on Tue Feb 01, 2011 4:30 pm

Hi there and welcome to the site ^^ Now, I'm going to have to be honest. There is kinda a lot that's missing out with your profile, but don't worry about that! I'll take this down to steps here, and this wont be a problem.

First of all, since you are applying for a 6th seat character, then I will be a bit more strict on your profile's standards than for someone lower seated. Each seat in the divisions holds responsibility and respect to it and we have to write and act accordingly to that.

Also, get rid of the WIP from the name of the profile please.

  • Age: Your character should be at least 100 years old as he's a Shinigami that has to be done undergoing some long training after his death.

  • Looks: Either have a good and detailed picture, or write a decent paragraph or 2 about your character's looks. It's very important sometimes to know when rp-ing how tall your character is or any small details like that. Around 200 words should be enough.

  • Personality: Around 200 words about his personality. We want to know more details about his likes and dislikes, how he fights, how he views others around him.. is he an asshole? Or is he the fun guy that buys others sake? Does he have a sweet tooth? Etc.

  • Zanpaktou Theme: Please choose only 1 element. As we do not think we'd allow more than 1 element, unless this was a crucial character of crucial ranks and the profile's length and writing would make all of us admins swoon.

  • Unreleased Zankpaktou Appearance: Maybe provide us with a picture? How long is it? How heavy? Etc. More details please.

  • Released Zanpakuto Looks: Again, more details please. A picture if possible. How big is it? Etc.

  • Released Zanpaktou Abilities: Only one element please. Also only 1 ability. Either he can create ice from nothing, freeze water on command or then he can create lightning based attacks.

  • Zanpakuto Spirit: Perhaps a picture? Physical description? A little bit more detailed personality?

  • Zanpakuto Realm: Bit more of a description? A picture would do.

  • Kidou: Please seperate the Kidous, and also copy them directly from the kido list so that all their details will follow. ( )

  • Techniques: Please note that it is already given that any Shinigami which has graduated from the academy and has joined a Division know the ability of Shunpo (Flash Steps). Please take that out from the profile, and make instead a technique that's unique to your character. Then by using that element which your Zanpakuto controls to either make offensive or defensive techniques. We will be requiring details to them, cooldown, preperation, strength, range etc. So please think through. If you have an idea which you have difficulties with wording out, then don't hesitate to pm a staff and we can try to help you out.

    As a 6th seat you should know at least 1 - 2 semi strong techniques. Otherwise you will be killed on the battlefield when facing an equally strong opponent who has more and better advanced techniques than you.

  • History: Please write at least 1 - 2 more paragraphs in your history. We need to know why he decided to become a Shinigami, how he did in the academy, how the others viewed him, how he views his Division (why he joined it, does he respect the Captain or doesn't care?).

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