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Post by Mizaki Retsu on Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:14 pm

Mizaki sighed as he stood on the edge of the school's roof. He was wearing the traditional Shinigami garb, even though he hated wearing it. He had his armband on tightly, so it wouldn't slip off like it usually did. It was a troublesome affair. He was just checking in with the other division, even though he didn't have to. Well, he had to check in with Mei-Sama, but he usually does that via e-mail. But alas, as long as he made a formal visit every once in a while, he was in the clear. He checked his Zanpakutou was safely attached to his side, that everything else was in place as well.

"Why am I so bloody nervous? Is it because I'm back in the First Division area? Or is it the school? It's been what? Two months since I last step foot into this place? Bah, no point in thinking about it. Just because I don't show up doesn't mean they can treat me like a delinquent!" he screamed while running his hand through his hair. It was a roughly 1 in the afternoon, on a cloudy-day(no chance of the sun showing up!) and mildly warm. Perfect chance to go check out Gym Class! With a quick movement Mizaki was gone from the roof, and now on-top a goalie's net.

He crouched on the metal rod, and put his hands around his eyes, like a pair of binoculars. He was paying very close attention to the girls. Good thing he's a Shinigami, and can't be seen by those average humans. And he prayed to god that none of those girls were Shinigami. Or, he'd die. Badly. Only safe place for him would be back in Sector Six. And even then, he'd be hunted down by Mei-Sama. BUT everything he does is worth it! Well, that's what he believes. He watched their entire figure, studying them up and down on their bodies. "Kyufufufu~" he snickered in a perfected tone. "This would be why you don't have any friends in the Second Division Mizaki." said Raikou, the voice emitting from his Zanpakutou.

Mizaki's devilish grin turned into a pout when he heard the voice. "And your the reason why I act out. Being all bossy, 'do this, do that, yadda yadda yadda!' That's all you ever do! is boss me around!" screamed Mizaki in a fit of rage. He was really angry with Raikou. He had no right to say that. It's just this is how Mizaki saw he should spend his time while waiting for another Shinigami to appear. If none appeared soon, he'd get into his Gigai and come flirt with these High-school beauties. Or if Mei-Sama was here today, he'd try and flirt with her, again. It's how he is. 'All work and no play makes Mizaki a dull boy.' he would say in defense for why he did what he did.

"Alright, Listen, your here on official business, not time to flirt Mizaki. So please, just do your job and meet with someone from this Division. So we can go train or something." said Raikou with a sigh. And that sigh was met, with a sigh. "Yeah, but, I ain't training!" responded Mizaki with some anger still lingering. A sigh came from Raikou; "Yes, well, if you don't train, you might get injured again." he commented, regarding to the incident involving those strange two new people and that hollow that attacked very close to Sector 6. Mizaki cringed at the memory of being hit in the ribs, then he glared at his Zanpakutou. "Oi! Listen here! That happened because I got flashy! I learned my mistake and it won't happen again! But you gotta stop reminding me about that day!" he screamed at the top of his lungs.

He jumped down from the goal post and walked off to the sidelines to lean against the wall. "Alright...I think those two don't appear to be who they claimed they are." Mizaki said with a calculating expression. "I questioned the soul about what happened. But it told me a different story then what she did. It raised some questions. And how that guy knew exactly where to find her? That just brought about more questions. Maybe Mei-Sama will have some answers next time I see her." he finished saying with a sigh. Maybe he would be seeing her again, or maybe not. What he does know, is that a shinigami is supposed to meet him by now.
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